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Around the world….. an’ then a little further…

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The Author

Team Leader: Roy Locock, born 1947 in the city of Winchester, England. Trained as radio communications engineer and was with the Philips Group for over 20 years before joining Cellnet (now 02). Finally setting-up a successful computer software and outsourcing company before retiring in 2006.As a child he always had a wanderlust but, being brought-up during the 1950’s and 60’s, foreign travel was very limited for the average person. So as an adult he has always accepted every opportunity that came his way to see the world and now that he has retired he makes his own opportunities.

He successfully steered Bridget the Midget on her adventure around the world in 2008/9 and from Abingdon to Cape Town in 2011. All thoughts of retiring Bridget have been archived.

MG Benji

MG Benji : The MG Car Club’s famous mascot, MG Benji, is well schooled in everything MG. An experienced navigator and competent co-driver, the Cape Town run was his first medium distance tour. He made good use of his vast overseas knowledge gained from visiting most of the MG Car Club Centres around the world. He is also an advanced instructor in desert and jungle survival techniques, as well as a black belt in several self defence disciplines.


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  • 1 Gayed Eid Hakeem // Nov 3, 2011 at 6:44 am

    Hello Everyone…am so much pleased to have met with those two challengers midgeteers! Well, they were in need of some repair for their wheels… And i feel grateful by offering my possible assistance and i’m living in Gedaref, Sudan a few miles from the Etheopian borders…oh the team of Mr Chris & Mr Roy are so kind an a wonderful individiuals…their cars are in a good condition now and they headed to Gondar within Etheopia…i wish them every luck for the rest long distance to Cape Town, South Africa.. you or any may find me within the “facebook”!
    Thank you Gayed and thanks again for your assistance. Top bloke. - Roy

  • 2 RICHARD SHIDAGWA // Nov 19, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    Hello in swahili we say (jambo)…Iam very much happy to meet mr Roy Locock her in Nairobi along mombasa road we chat for few min as he was goiung on to tazania …the car was in agood condition .. I wish him luck to cape town please let us know how you are going on Im so pleased to meet him
    find me also on face book
    Hi Richard, Thanks it was good to chat with you. - Roy

  • 3 Sylvie Castelain // Sep 5, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    Hello Roy ! I’m the neighborhood of Peter and Rosmary in the South west of the France. Tkank’s again for the ride car. I just bought your book. Au plaisir de se revoir. Sylvie
    Bon Jour Sylvie, I am happy that you enjoyed the experience of riding in Bridget. I hope you enjoy the book, also. See you again on my next visit!! - Roy

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