Bridget the Midget

Around the world….. an’ then a little further…

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Bridget the Midget


Make and Model: MG Midget 1500

Manufactured: 1977

Engine: 1493cc Standard/Triumph S4 OHV

Fuel Capacity: 7 gallons

Fuel Consumption: Overall 29 mpg

Performance: 97 mph

Length: 11′ 9″

UK Registration: SPY 122X

Although produced in 1977 Bridget was first registered in 1982. Her factory colour was black but her first restoration completed for her round the world run changed her to British Racing Green with biscuit interior trim and hood. Today, Bridget is ‘Rosso red with yellow detailing’ as my tailor would say.

The 1500 Midget’s engines were in fact Triumph manufactured, originally designed for the Spitfire. Bridget had a rebuilt engine fitted after completing 51,000 miles and is converted for lead-free petrol.

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that I have taken a car with the registration plate SPY to┬áIran and Russia amongst others countries. Fortunately they either didn’t notice or enjoyed the joke. If you see it around, anywhere in the world, do please give us a wave or come over and have a chat.

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  • 1 Doug Bush [SE Centre] // Oct 7, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    Hi Roy & Chris .

    Pleased to read your latest report and happy for you that you are making good progress. Autumn started in the SE this week. Good luck with all the challenges ahead and happy octagonal motoring.
    Thanks Doug. Hope you enjoy this weeks update - Roy

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