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Return of Benji

November 12th, 2011 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

When Roy and I left Awassa I was tired as I had run a marathon with Haile Gebrsalassie. He was good but I got ahead of him in the last 2 miles and never looked back. So, on the journey I fell asleep until a loud bang awoke me to a terrible clatter and the car jumping and bumping all over the road. When it stopped everything went quiet for a few seconds until Roy muttered words I can’t include in this report. Anyway, it seems that a truck going in the opposite direction had thrown up a stone and broken the windscreen and then we had driven into some holes in the road. Roy said we would have to put the car on a truck in Moyale, Kenya and have it driven to Nairobi.

I was really excited to ride in a big truck, but it did pong a bit. I am not sure what was in there before us but wasn’t very hygienic. Anyway it was night-time when lots of men started to push the car onto the truck. Roy had gone to the hotel and I couldn’t understand what the men were saying but one of them kept peering into the car through the whole where the windscreen had been. I am not sure what happened next but there was a terrible screeching sound as they moved Bridget and it was bumping about all over the place. I couldn’t see a thing until someone turned on a torch and then I could see that we were inside the lorry. Most of the men must of been outside as their voices were faint, but the man that had kept looking into the car appeared at the door. He leant in and before I knew what was happening he snatched me and stuffed me into a small bag. I couldn’t shout because it was so dusty and I was coughing and choking.

From the movement I was certain that I was being carried off and eventually the bag, with me inside, was dumped on a seat or bed. It was soft and quiet, and for ages there was no sound at all so I settled down for another sleep.

Most dogs would have been frightened by all this, but not me because I knew that help would be summoned as soon as it was realised that I had been snatched. If you remember, when we were in Turkey there was an attempt to kidnap me and following that a new secret intelligence service, the SBS (Special Benji Service) was created just in case it happened again. The SBS train with the SAS at Hereford and are very good.

Evidently Roy discovered I was missing and sent a Tweet saying I had been stolen. Although not even he knew it, from that moment the SBS swung into action. They contacted our agents in Kenya and told them to start making enquiries and a specialist team of SBS, led by a German Shepherd, started piecing together a plan to rescue me.

It seems that I was not snatched by professionals, to be held for ransom, but by a sneaky, greedy thief who just wanted to sell me. As soon as word got round that a European dog in an MG outfit was for sale our Kenyan agents were alerted and the man was identified. The SBS team flew from West London within the hour and arrived in Kenya some hours later the same day. They made their way to Moyale where the thief lived and fully armed with water pistols, spud guns and even two catapults, the team stormed into the man’s house. They found me tied to a chair, but still looking as cool and handsome as ever.

Roy had already left Moyale, so it was decided to take me safely back to England and Kimber House, where I am being looked after by Uncle Andy. So kids, don’t worry about me. I am fine and will have more adventures soon, thanks to the SBS (don’t tell anyone about them as they are a secret).


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  • 1 cheryl rickard // Nov 12, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    Glad Benji is back - being dognapped is no fun. We were worried he might end up in a curry somewhere. As for Bridget, I know some good carwashes I can recommend, but the mechanics are up to you. Leeks are doing well as are the dandelions. Beer quality being checked ready for your return. Cheryl
    Hi Cheryl, I wish you hadn’t said that, as I just had a curry! Good about the leeks and beer, and I’ll mention the dandelions to Titch. - Roy

  • 2 Kevin Loader // Nov 13, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    Greetings Roy, wishing you & Benji success getting Bridget back on the road. Cheers, Kevin
    Hi Kevin and thanks for the thought. Still waiting for Fedex to deliver but otherwise well. - Roy

  • 3 Alan // Nov 14, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    Glad to see Henry has survived the kidnap attempts. Keep me posted as to progress and no more hitching a lift in trucks they might carry Bridget off and hold her to ransom.
    As long as they do the restoration for me, that’s fine. I am going to need primer, undercoat and a nice Ferrari red. - Roy

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