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The Endurance Midget

Welcome to Bridget’s site. For the new visitor, Bridget is a classic British sports car, a 1977 MG Midget to be precise. Bridget’s life story, for the first 29 years, was of refined driving around the English countryside mainly on weekends. There was nothing Bridget liked more than taking her owners out for a Sunday afternoon’s run and a nice cream tea.

Then, in February 2006, she was sold to a new owner. It was quickly evident that the new owner’s mechanical abilities were limited and he had some very unorthodox ideas about weekend runs. After having a new oil cooler fitted, along with a Kenlow fan and K&N air filters, Bridget was driven off to mainland Europe. She had never been overseas previously and was not used to being driven on the wrong side of the road. However, all the other traffic appeared to be doing the same thing so Bridget just obeyed all of her new owner’s instructions.

This was to be the start of a four month adventure through France, around Spain and following the whole of the coastline of Italy. If interrogated gently Bridget would admit to quietly enjoying the trip. On her return to the UK she found herself the subject of a fairly major rebuild including a new set of clothes which changed her from black to British Racing Green.

In June 2008, Bridget once again headed for the English Channel and drove into MG history by becoming the first car of her type to drive around the world. Driving through 27 different countries and covering slightly over 39,000 miles (62,000 kilometres) she returned to the UK in October 2009.

Although hearing talk of ‘retirement’ in 2011 she found herself once again being driven across several new countries between England and South Africa. After a gruelling 13,000 miles, and enduring serious structural damage in Northern Kenya, Bridget returned once more to the UK for some tender loving repairs and another colour change this time to Rosso Red with Ferrari Yellow detailing. Retirement for Bridget would not be happening just yet.

In June, 2013 she ventured up to the Arctic Circle, then a short run through Finland into Russia. Returning through much of central and southern Europe she wintered in the Canary Islands.

To date, Bridget and her driver Roy Locock, have driven through 52 different countries covering some 80,000 miles. Bridget now has upgraded front disc brakes and telescopic suspension. She is also sporting a new steering column, the original having been found to be bent!

There are currently no plans for another major run, but then again, there never was any such plan in the first place.

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